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”I am a single mum. What is your super power?” – Anonymous

Life is one great big adventure and the whole world is there to explore. Wherever you go in your travels, you’ll come across fellow travellers. Their stories are inspiring, their pictures amazing and their smiles contagious. We’ve decided to start interviewing our fellow travellers and share their stories, advice and pictures with all of you.

Lea Beven is our next travel interviewee. Her story as a single mother inspires me and hopefully will inspire other single parents as well.

Can you tell us a little about you and your family?

            Our family is myself (45 yr old single mum), 6 year old son, our cat and our dog. We worldschool and have done part time till this term, and now we are full time home educate with multi trips each year. 

Do you travel full time or part time? How many countries have you visited?

            I’ve taken my son to 14 countries, we’ve already got 3 planned for 2019 but usually is more. We full time home educate and travel when we have an interest we are following  (I.E. volcanos interest became Lanzarote and Pompeii)

Throughout your travels, is there one memory that sticks with you?

            It just all feels magical,  my son is so engaged with natural curiosity that it doesn’t need ‘teaching’ because he’ll ask all the questions anyway. I feel so proud when he repeats things he’s learned on trips to other people,  I know then that’s he’s genuinely taken it on board.

How as your first trip? How long ago was it?

            We’ve travelled regularly from birth so I don’t remember too many specifics but the one at the start easy to remember was to the Calais refugee camp The Jungle, where we delivered a caravan together to a family.

What has been your favorite adventure so far?

            Without a doubt the fairytale route in Germany for a few weeks. We explored where the traditional fairy tales originated from and learned about the authors of each, and my son was so excited he began to write his own stories.

What’s on your bucket list?

            I’m living my dream already.  

Do you have a blog/FB page/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest account that we can use to follow along on your adventures?

            Yes is my blog and I have @leabevenpage on Facebook.  I also run the Shoestring Mum Facebook group and a Home Ed Lego group.  

Do you have any advice for anyone who is itching to take that first step to travel?

            If you’re not sure where to start, book any flight and figure it out as you go. Don’t procrastinate.  We tend to jump on fare errors where we can.

Do you have anything else you’d love to share with my followers?

            Travelling mixed with the stability of having a home / base is lovely. We’re living in a fabulous community yet meet people worldwide we can keep in touch with.

Thank you so much Lea! I loved reading about your experiences and hearing your story. I hope her story has inspired you to check out her Facebook pages and follow along on her blog. Enjoy the amazing life that you’re living!


Dreaming of Summer

We’re in the middle of an artic freeze where the wind chill has the outside temperature feeling as if it’s -12. Brrr, this weather is making me dream of the beach and summer weather. Gentle summer breeze, the warmth of the sun, smell of the Atlantic Ocean; my perfect summer day is spent at the beach at Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Yes I said New Jersey. It might not be the tropical beaches of Hawaii or the Maldives, but it’s the beach of my childhood and now my children’s childhood. We grew up going to there every summer and it still feels the same.

Sea Isle City is located an hour south of Atlantic City. The town doesn’t have a boardwalk like most beaches that you think of in New Jersey; their promenade offers shops full of unique souvenirs, old time photos, delicious ice cream, homemade fudge and of course salt water taffy. They also have two arcades on the promenade which my kids love trying to win enough tickets by get those big items behind the counter. The best place to find the fudge is James’ Fudge located right on John F Kennedy Blvd right at the promenade. They also offer the best salt water taffy I’ve ever tasted. There is also a playground and basketball courts on the main road into Sea Isle City, the John F Kennedy Blvd. They’re located just one block from the beach.

The beach itself is a pay beach which makes it the perfect family beach. It will get crowded but not as crowded as other beaches where you can’t find anywhere to sit and have to squeeze in between two families’ blankets. They have separate sections for boogie boarders and swimmers with life guards at both sections. You can also watch people fishing by the rocks and sometimes they catch small sand sharks which they release but they’re really neat to look at. If you go early morning, you can find some amazing sea shells and even watch small ocean critters in between the rocks during low tide.

There are many other fun things to do at Sea Isle City besides the beach. At Excursion Park located at the John F Kennedy Blvd and the Promenade; they offer family movies once a week at dusk on Mondays, the Farmers Market is open on Tuesday mornings and the Family Dance parties are Tuesday evenings, if you play an instrument or sing you can stop by the Open Mic Night on Wednesdays, Thursdays showcase different bands in the evenings, Fridays you can watch classic movies at dusk and Saturdays offer another showcase of bands. All these events are free to everyone. Other summer events held throughout different areas of Sea Isle City include beach yoga, beachcombing, softball and basketball tournaments, 4th of July celebrations and fireworks, and 5K races.

Just thinking of all the fun and laughs from summer pasts make me want to develop time travel and head to the summer months. But until that happens, I’ll just have to rely on my memories and pictures. Hope you’re all staying warm in your in the Arctic blast as well and the countdown is on until the summer!

Traveling with the Taylors

“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret” – Oscar Wilde

Life is one great big adventure and the whole world is there to explore. Wherever you go in your travels, you’ll come across fellow travellers. Their stories are inspiring, their pictures amazing and their smiles contagious. We’ve decided to start interviewing our fellow travellers and share their stories, advice and pictures with all of you.

Bianca Taylor was amazing to step forward and answer some questions about her travels with her family. Hope her story fills you with wanderlust and inspires you to take that step.

Can you tell us a little about you and your family?

We are a Bianca and Robert Taylor and we are a full time digital Nomad traveling family with our 5 year old son from South Africa. We left to travel two years ago. 

Do you travel full time or part time? How many countries have you visited?

We travel full time. We slow travel meaning we spend about three months in a place at a time often with quick stops en route to our next major destination. We have visited 6 countries in almost two years. 


Throughout your travels, is there one memory that sticks with you?

We have so many beautiful memories it’s really hard to choose one. From releasing turtles in Malaysia to meeting so many interesting travelers who became friends along the way. We love the basic stuff, eating local food, walking local street, meeting and befriending locals and seeing local sites. Every now and again one of us will say “Can you believe we are walking in a foreign country, greeting people in a foreign language and we feel so at home doing it? “


How as your first trip? How long ago was it?

Our first stop was in Thailand, it was amazing and completely different to our home country South Africa. We did not return home from there and just kept in travelling.


What has been your favorite adventure so far?

Honestly we have had so many it’s hard to say. But a more recent adventure was experiencing snow for the first time in the mountains of Georgia the country recently. We loved tobogganing, hiking and playing in the snow. It was only a four day trip but we are making plans to return soon and learn to ski and snowboard. 


What’s on your bucket list?

We don’t have a bucket list as such, we just want to experience as much as we can in as many places as we can. A few I can think of is, we would like to traverse Europe by train. We have done Thailand, Malaysia and some of the Trans-Siberian through Russia which we will still complete.  Learn to snow ski or snow board. Have many ethical animal and nature experiences and we are always looking for volunteer opportunities. We would like to go on a Disney  cruise. We want to see all the wonders of the world and visit as many countries as possible. We want to swim in every ocean and sea. We want to have so many experiences together as a family.

Do you have a blog/FB page/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest account that we can use to follow along on your adventures?

Yes, we have an Instagram page you can follow us on and we have a website where we share articles on some of our experiences and advice on how to do what we do. We hope to inspire others to be free to live this lifestyle with their families too.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is itching to take that first step to travel?

Research is key.  Don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams.


Do you have anything else you’d love to share with my followers?

Don’t live your lives on other people’s terms or goals. Follow your desires and you will be much happier. It was really very difficult for us to catapult out of South Africa, but we were determined to and we stayed focused and did what we needed to do, one step at a time. And the next thing we were living it.  if we could  do it, anyone can. Just do what it takes and join so many other families living this life. Follow those families on their blogs, websites, join Facebook pages and groups while you are working on it. These people kept us motivated and inspired when things became challenging. They are also amazingly supportive when often our friends and family back home don’t understand our vision for our lives. But out here or on the net, there are many of us.


Thank you so much Bianca! Your story is amazing and your pictures showcase the many beauties that you’ve discovered along your journey. I hope her story has inspired some of you to check out her social media pages and follow along on her blog. Safe travels and have fun out there!

365 Days To Try Something New

Hello and welcome to 2019! This year has 365 new opportunities to write your story and 365 chances to try something new. We decided to jump start 2019 with something new for the kids: a train ride to Philadelphia, PA! They’ve been on train attraction rides before but this was their first time on a commuter train…and they loved it! We rode Amtrak from the Lancaster station to the 30th Street station in Philadelphia and these goofballs decided they wanted to ride backwards. They made a game of trying to read the station names we passed by and used the time to decide where they wanted to eat lunch when we got there (no one could agree so we just decided to walk and pick).

They were in awe of the 30th Street Station when we got there. It’s much larger than many places they’ve been and lot busier. Riley and Chase loved the train board with the departure gate numbers and times. We decided to take a walk towards Broad St to see if we could find any part of the Mummers Parade and thankfully we did. We found several groups performing along John F Kennedy Boulevard. The costumes are so colorful and the sets come alive. The kids laughed and giggled at the many performers as this was their first time seeing it live. We’ve caught it on TV before and they enjoyed it, but there is just something different about seeing it in person. I didn’t get to take any pictures of this one as my phone decided it didn’t have enough storage (ugh lesson learned) but they had a Mummers group that their set and costumes were Beauty and the Beast! That is my absolute favorite movie!

We found this amazing restaurant: Misconduct Tavern and we could watch the Mummers act right out the window. It’s located right on John F Kennedy Blvd and the food is amazing! The boys and I got the 3 cheese cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries which were so good and cooked perfectly, Emma decided on a Caesar salad (it was humungous) and Alexis chose the small portion of Mac N Cheese (still large for a small and mouthwatering). The prices were perfect, under $70 for all of us; and the server we had was amazing and even was great and patient with the kids deciding their food. I did write down his name so I could praise him here but I lost the paper somewhere on our journey unfortunately.  I highly recommend anyone eat here when they visit Philly, I know we will be back again!

After lunch, we kept walking down JFK Blvd watching the many different Mummer groups. Chase and Riley had to pose with the giant spider they found and of course cotton candy had to be bought (I swear these kids are hollow at times).

The kids found these giant game pieces and climbed all over them. The game pieces are an art installation by three different artists and is across the street from the LOVE Park.

Then we headed over to check out the giant Christmas tree in front of City Hall which has love written in different languages on a banner circling it. Walking through City Hall, Chase discovered a little carousel in the center and we all decided to take a ride.

After the carousel ride, we slowly made our way back to the train station as their legs were all tired from the walking to wait for our ride home. Riley darted up to the train board to see what gate we had to depart from and they were amazed at how many people were already in line. There is so much to see and explore in Philadelphia and we love that we’re only a short train ride away from this historic city. Thanks for allowing us to explore your winter fun Philly and see you next time!

2019 New Opportunities

We’d like to thank our many followers and supporters in helping us grow in 2018. Our family has had so many new experiences and explored so many new places. We’ve also had the great experience of talking to and meeting new people throughout the year, both near and far.

A new year brings new opportunities for learning, traveling and meeting amazing new people. The world is full of some amazing places and there are some lucky travelers who get to explore it all. 2019 is the perfect time to start introducing some of these amazing travelers to you. They’re courageous, explore the world around use and bring their families along for the ride. They’ve changed what schooling around the world means and open new horizons to their children. At least twice a month, we will be posting some amazing interviews with these lucky men and women, sharing their stories and their pictures with all of you so you can feel like you’re visiting some of these places. And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to take that leap and join them on your own journey around the world.

While my family hasn’t made that leap to go around the world yet, our hearts and dreams are exploring the highest mountain peaks and the lowest valleys, surfing on waves and eating delicious food. One day we will achieve our goal of traveling around the world and crossing off items on our bucket lists. We’re slowly exploring our home country of the US and loving every minute. And 2019 is a new year and has 365 days for new opportunities so who knows what the future holds? Stay tuned to our blog and don’t miss out on these amazing interviews!

Our New Year’s Resolutions

I can’t believe that 2018 is almost over. It seems like just yesterday we decided to start this blog to inspire others to follow along on our crazy journey and to hopefully start their own. We had so many laughs and adventures discovering new places along the way, learning so much about our country and laughing when our plans change. We discovered so much about ourselves and that we can do anything as long as we’re together as a family. I’m looking forward to seeing where our travels take us to 2019 and what we will learn. I usually don’t set New Year’s Resolutions as I end up forgetting about them by the time February rolls around but this year is going to be different. I have a couple places that I’d like to try to visit if things work out and some new activities that I know the kids are going to love. But as always, we roll with the punches and are very flexible as life changes. It gets messy but that’s the fun of it. Hopefully you’re inspired to set your own travel resolutions after reading our post. Hope your holidays were full of love and laugh and time with family and see ya’ll next year! (It feels so weird to be saying that but it’s only 4 days away).

1)      Start saving for our first overseas trip: We have no clue where we’re going yet but we know we want to head overseas. Some suggestions the kids have thrown out at Iceland, Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand and Italy. Some places will be out of our reach for our first trip but it’s always good to set a goal with a general cost idea. Wish us luck!

2)      Go Indoor Sky Diving: I’ve always wanted to go regular sky diving but I’m a little nervous throwing myself out of plane so this will be perfect. Three of my children want to try this too and luckily there are two places within an hour of us that offer this. This is definitely something that we’re going to do within the first couple months.

3)      Visit all 121 state parks in Pennsylvania: This is ambitious and more than likely we won’t visit all 121 but it’s always good to set a goal and give us a challenge. Thankfully we can already cross 4 off that list as we’ve visited them this past year. Only 117 to go or 2-3 parks a week.

4)      Visit all 20 national parks in Pennsylvania: again we might not complete this goal but it’ll be fun to try. And we’ve already visited 2 of them so only 18 to go in 2019!

5)      Go paddle boarding: This is something that we’ve been wanting to do for the last two years but just haven’t had a chance. That changes next year. We live 3 hours from the beach and will sign up this year as all my children can do this.

6)      Try one new ethnic food each month: that gives us 12 new country’s foods to try and get ready for when we’re able to start traveling overseas. The kids can be kind of picky about certain foods so hopefully this will be able to expand their palate and teach them to try new things.

7)      Publish the first children’s travel book: we’ve been bouncing this idea to publish a children’s book for certain cities that we visit for the last couple months as most travel guides pertain to adults. Our idea will include a special surprise for the kids.

8)      Interview one single parent traveler a month: I love talking to new people and hearing their amazing stories. This way I’ll get to share some of them with you and hopefully make new connections and share some amazing stories and pictures!

9)      Visit at least two new states: I’ve traveled to 19 states and my children have visited 10 states. Hopefully the two new states will be ones that neither of us have visited but I’d love to have them catch up to me.

10)  And my last resolution is to keep the fun alive! Whether we’re visiting places in our home town or traveling hours away; we’ll do our best to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Life is short and we have to learn to dance in the rain!

Hopefully we can cross some of these off as we enjoy and travel through 2019. What are some of your resolutions or goals for the new year?

Christmas in Pennsylvania

With Christmas less than a week away, the spirit and magic is slowly filling the way. One way that my children and I love to get in the Christmas spirit is to go see light displays or decorations and we’ve found some amazing places around our home state of Pennsylvania that we can’t wait to share with you. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 so we hope you can check them out either this year or in the future.

1)      Bethlehem: No Christmas town list is complete without this amazing place. Its nickname is even Christmas City and it certainly lives up to its nickname. There are two gorgeous Christmas marketplaces that are a must visit, filled with anything you could be looking for. Majority of the town is decorated, you can tour gorgeous historic buildings and don’t forget to go for a sleigh ride before you leave.

2)      Wellsboro: This small town will have you feeling like you’re back in the old days with gas powered street lamps and old fashioned decorations. Their theater is even from the 1920s. Every year, this town puts on a festival ‘Dickens of a Christmas Festival’ in the beginning of December. You’ll interact with Victorian reenactors and might even run into Scrooge himself!

3)      Hermitage: I never heard of this little town before but I certainly won’t forget it anytime soon. It’s towards the western part of Pennsylvania but the Christmas season truly brings out the magic in this town. They have one of the most festive light displays in the entire state ‘Kraynak’s Christmas Display” and don’t forget about their Festival of Trees.

4)      Indiana: This town holds fame for being the birth place of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ actor Jimmy Stewart but that’s not all this beautiful town has to offer. It’s also known as the Christmas Tree Capital of the World. The whole town starts celebrating in November and continues into December with the It’s A Wonderful Life Festival which includes a parade, live musical acts and so much more!

5)      Hershey: Of course I have to include the Sweetest Place on Earth. You can check out Christmas Candylane at Hershey Park, take a ride with a  free piece of chocolate at the end at Hershey’s Chocolate World and even drive through their 2 mile trail of Hershey Sweet Lights, featuring hundreds of displays and thousands of lights.

Thanksgiving Thanks

I know I haven’t posted a lot here recently but things have been chaotic in our little corner recently. My oldest son at 14 is seeing a rheumatologist as the doctor thinks he might arthritis is his one hand and wrist.

My daughters and middle son are starting up square dancing again so watch for that post in January when they compete.

My middle son also suffered an injury on the bus by another student so that’s currently undergoing and not fun.

So Life has been crazy here. I’m so thankful for my amazing family who supports us and is there for all the craziness. I’m thankful for all of you, my amazing followers and I’m thankful that I have a job and a house that allows me to have a place to write and take care of my children. I hope each one of you stays safe throughout the holiday season coming up. What are some things that you are thankful for?

Science Fun Part 1

We were lucky to be asked to review some amazing products by Zimpli Kids. We’ll be doing 3 different posts as these products are so much fun and my kids loved trying them out. Zimpli Kids products are 100% safe for your children and completely boron free. We tried out the Snoball Battle Pack first and this was so much fun and so easy to do! You just add water!

Chase and Emma were my helpers to create the snow. You’ll pour it into a large bowl as you will need to add 40ml of water for one pack of snow. Make sure to spread newspaper on your table if your child gets overzealous with mixing the snow as mine did, but hey messes mean that you had fun! If it doesn’t look like snow, keep stirring and slowly add a little more water at a time until it looks like this!

And since it is environmental friendly, we took it outside for a little snowball fight!

We’re saving the rest of the packs for this coming weekend to have more fun and keep your eyes out for the other two posts about these amazing products: Gelli Baff and Slime Baff! If you’re interested in buying these products for your kids, you can find them at And if you love interacting with amazing brands like we do, find them on Facebook at for more great information and even some fun giveaways! They’re also on Twitter at; Instagram at and on YouTube!

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