Car Ride Fun

Even though school has started, there’s always time for travel. As a single mom who strongly believes in a good education for my children, I’m always looking for fun car activities that will keep their mind sharp. I try to keep our car rides electronic free so worksheets and printouts are my best friends! I struggled to find a place where I could print out fun worksheets that all my children could enjoy. And I finally found that website! Their website includes so much great resources including fun travel ones.Pack your bags for this learning adventure word search. Get other great games, resources, and worksheets over at!

I’ve included the worksheet and the answer key.

They offer a variety of worksheets and themes so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you and your children. My little guy just started kindergarten and while he can’t read all the words, he loves matching up the letters in order to find them. If you’re looking for fun worksheets for home and one the road, this momma highly recommends heading to and checking them out!

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  1. I never had a lot of toys back when I was young. All I could ever remember was 1 Barbie doll, 1 stuffed toy rabbit, one mini fridge and a cooking set and that’s all about it – the rest were books, lots and lots of them plus tons of adventure with my dad, mom and brother! Such an amazing childhood, I would say.

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  2. Really useful. iPads and tablets these days are becoming such a problem so it’s really nice when you can use a form of entertainment through pen and paper. Will be using this for my little brother ‘s car journeys!

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